Carpe Diem

I bought this book months ago–right before I got my Kindle–and right AFTER I got my Kindle, reading books ‘the old fashioned way’ seemed so 20th century…so I didn’t even pick this book up again until last night.  And I’ve already finished it–so that says a lot!

This is the story of a girl named Vassar Spore–in case you didn’t know, Vassar is an extremely competitive college in New York (state, not city); the character was ‘named after’ this college.  Her mother is a life coach and her father is an efficiency expert, and she states her main life goals in the first chapter, which include but are not limited to graduating with a 5.3 GPA (this is actually possible–I looked it up) getting in to ACTUAL Vassar, and marrying a surgeon or lawyer.  She’s almost–ok totally–unbelievable as a character in the first third of the book.  But she’s forced to loosen up–and thus becomes more believable–when her grandmother blackmails her parents into letting Vassar (well, MAKING Vassar, really) accompany her on a summer-long trip through Southeast Asia.

I really liked this book–as I’ve said, I read it in less than one day–but am interested to hear if actual teenagers like it at all.  It seems like the kind of story you need a little life perspective to appreciate, but then again, a lot of young adults have much more life experience and perspective than I do, and I’m an ‘old lady’! To be fair, I cannot imagine anywhere I’d less like to visit than Southeast Asia, but halfway through this book I found myself google image searching the ruins of Angkor Wat (which is in Cambodia–I’d already checked out my globe to locate Cambodia!).  It looks like this…

Maybe this is a trip I will take some day.  And if a book can get me to want to visit Cambodia, well, that’s some book!