The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The first words I spoke upon finishing this book–about fifteen minutes ago–were ‘I can’t believe I read that entire book for that ending’.  My husband asked ‘it was THAT bad?’–and no, it wasn’t ‘that bad’.  I guess not, anyway.  It was a good book.  It held my attention for the past two days, and I finished it quickly–that typically means that I liked it.  And I went online to find out when the companion book–not sequel, companion book (see below for an explanation of that)–comes out.  So I must have liked it.  Right?

Here’s the problem with ‘Teeth’.  It was utterly unbelievable at times.  And it was a story that takes place under unbelievable circumstances; a basic summary of the book would be…girl lives in post zombie apocalypse, and living in a post zombie apocalypse, well…it sucks.  If this sounds like it is a horror novel, well, you’re wrong.  The zombies don’t seem to bother anyone–so much so that even while being pulled at by said zombies (though they ARE behind a fence) and even after watching your own mother turn into one (don’t worry, this is not a spoiler, it happens in the first ten pages), the main character still has time to contemplate why the boy she likes does not like her back.  So NOW you’re thinking ‘oh–well it is a funny story, then’.  Wrong again.  This book really takes itself seriously, even when moaning zombies surround a house harboring a teenage girl who is excited about her first kiss.  I mean seriously?

Ok.  Maybe I didn’t like the book.  Except that I DID like the book.  I am so torn.  I don’t know.  Read it yourself and come to your own conclusion.  Clearly I don’t have one of my own.



Well, I finally finished reading Linger.  I think my reluctance to finish it was because, well, I didn’t want to finish it.  And not because it was so awful I couldn’t continue, but because I knew that once it was over, it was over.  At least for a very long time, until the third book comes out.  Yes, that’s right, the third book.  I should have known–I should have assumed, or done simple research on the author’s web page (which I did immediately after reading the last word of Linger).  The third book, which I can only assume is in the ‘being written’ stage (sob!), is called Forever, and there’s not even a google image available of what the cover might look like.  I am inconsolable.  But it will give me something to look forward to…for a very long time!

Linger was very, very good.  As I mentioned in a previous post, it did take me a while to get used to so many different points of view–there are four different points of view in Linger, two more than in the first book, Shiver.  I really want to know if this point of view ‘shifting’ was done on purpose, to make some larger statement or, perhaps more accurately, to give the feeling of, well, shifting, that you should get from reading this book; for those of you who have not read either yet, I use the word ‘shifting’ because that is what the wolves do–they shift.  It is a werewolf story, after all.  If this shifting of perspectives was purposeful, it was also masterful.

The story itself went far beyond what I would have thought possible at the beginning of Shiver–but it is so interesting, with such great (and different from each other) characters, that it makes for one great read.  I only have one copy available, and two people are already waiting to read it, but when they are done, feel free to ask me to borrow it.  Or wait until July 20th…though I certainly couldn’t!

Beautiful Creatures

I just finished reading Beautiful Creatures–as in just now, this very minute.  And all I can think is something along the lines of ‘pfffff’.  ‘Pffff’, in case you were wondering, is the sound of me pushing my eyebrows together, frowning, and blowing air through my grimacing mouth.  I really, really liked this book.  It had everything I’m looking for in a book–characters who are at once believable and utterly unrealistic, a great setting that simply HAD TO be, love, magic, mystery–it is a great book.  But then ending…pfffff.  I just don’t know.  I just…don’t know.

I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone interested in reading it–and I will buy a copy for my classroom before the end of the break (this was the first book I read entirely on my Kindle, which is difficult as I have so many previews on there–but that’s a topic for another post.)  But a basic summary is…ahem…boy dreams of girl, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl (or was he in love with her all along?), boy finds out there’s something very…different…about girl.  Chaos ensues.

If you are a fan of history–and even if you are not–you will appreciate the flashbacks that tie past and present together in an interesting way.  If you are a fan of romance, you will not be disappointed, but if you’re NOT a fan of romance, you won’t be grossed out, either.  At no point do anyone’s eyes smolder, like they do in some other books…cough….Twilight…cough.

Read this.  It is worth it.  Even with the ‘pffff’ factor.