The Gardener–Post #1

This morning during SSR time I started reading The Gardener, S.A. Boodeen’s new book (please see my review of her first book, The Compound); four SSR periods later, I am on page 112.  It is a good book.  Stay tuned for Post #2, which will include a full review.

Please note:  This book is not yet released, but is available for pre-order for its July release.  Or, if you are one of my students, you can just borrow my ARC.  (Vocab term–ARC–advanced reading copy aka–most of those books I brought back from my ‘teacher conference’!)


In the Middle

I’m currently reading two different books, depending upon where I am.  At home I’m still reading Linger, the sequel to Shiver that I was–and still am–very excited about.  When I’m anywhere else, I’m reading Beautiful Creatures on my Kindle.  I started reading it as a preview, and when the preview ended, I bought it immediately.

So far I really like Linger, and I’m extremely glad I was able to get an advanced copy.  I feel terrible for the people who finished Shiver and have to wait until the summer to get the next book–but then again, I guess it is oddly appropriate to have to wait until the weather changes.  If you’ve read the book, you understand.  And if you haven’t–read the book!  I like Linger, but it is getting kind of hard to follow.  It is told from four different points of view–Grace and Sam, as in Shiver, and now Isabel and Cole, two ‘new’ characters–though Isabel was in Shiver, she didn’t play as big a role.  The changing back and forth from point of view to point of view is a bit disorienting, but again, if this is on purpose–the ‘shifting’ of points of view, if you will–then it is genius.  Again, if you’ve read the book, you’ll understand.

Beautiful Creatures is my ideal book–it is at once extremely realistic and completely fantasy.  I.  Love.  It.  As I mentioned, I started reading it as a preview on my Kindle–a fantastic option that has kept me out of the coffee shop at the book store for over a month now (that’s where I used to sit and preview books), and as soon as I realized the ideal-ness, I bought it.  I promise I will also buy a hard copy for my classroom.  It is told in first person, from Ethan’s point of view.  He’s a typical guy, but not really, because no guys (or girls) are ‘typical’; he dream-meets a girl who he finds out is the niece of the town shut-in, and odd things continue to happen to him, mainly involving terrible rain and a very mysterious song that I’ve not figured out the point of yet; again, I’m only maybe a quarter of the way through the book.  But I’m enjoying it very much and will strongly recommend it.

I will review both of these books in full as soon as I’ve finished one or both.  But they are definitely worth checking out.