I’ve completed my second ARC from BEA (I love acronyms!)–Matched, a new book from author Ally Condie.  If forced to sum it up in one cheesy book-pitch line, I’d say it was something like ‘Twilight meets Brave New World’.  And I loved both Twilight and Brave New world, so that’s a good thing.  Though it had both the positive and negative qualities of each, possessing both the gripping sort-of love triangle featured in Twilight, along with some of the occasionally painful writing; Brave New World’s grippingly interesting post-apocalyptic dystopia that occasionally became a little bit too satirical.  But still, it was a really good story, and I cannot believe that it is not even out until November, because again this means that the second one will not be out until fall of 2011.  I shake my fist at the sky.

Matched is the story of Cassia and the world she lives in, which is a world strictly controlled by The Society.  The Society decides EVERYTHING for EVERYONE, and no one–well, few people–question it.  But then a crack appears in the system, and this crack causes Cassia to wonder.  And she wonders about a great many things, including Ky, the mysterious boy to whom she is not Matched.

I’ll not give away any more of the plot–I feel this is frowned on when discussing books-not-yet-out on the internet.  But it is a really good story.  Get beyond the first few chapters, which are a bit painful as it really feels as though the author (Ally Condie) chopped up the entire back-story and scattered it throughout in little paragraph chunks, and you will be very pleasantly surprised.