Drum roll please…this morning I finished my first Book Expo galley.  It was Stork, a book by new author Wendy Delsol.  And it was really good.  Really, really good.  It had everything I look for in a YA book (magic and romance) and did that thing that’s required of all YA books–it twisted the formula just a bit.

Stork is the story of a girl–Kat–who moves from sunny California to windy, cold Minnesota after her parents divorce.  Her mother returns to the town where she grew up, and where her father–Kat’s grandfather–still lives.  A strange turn of events early on in the book result in Kat’s realization that she’s part of something much bigger than herself; she’s part of a sort-of-secret and magical sisterhood responsible for…well, I’ll let you figure that out.  The title is a huge hint.  Beyond that, there’s a mystery about Kat’s past to unravel, and a serious and mysterious romance.  I don’t want to give any more away, as I don’t know how much the actual back of the book will tell once the official copy is released.

This book is due out in October of this year, and I’m super psyched to have gotten my hands on an advance copy of this book.  I literally could not put it down.  The ending leaves open the possibility for a sequel, and I’m sure there will be one if the public has the same reaction as I did.  A fabulous first novel–bravo, Wendy Delsol.

Stay tuned for an in-depth discussion of the awesomeness of Book Expo America, as well as future reviews of books I acquired there.


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