This World We Live In

The third book in a loosely tied-together series, this book is great but depressing.  I read it in one day, and I was really busy that day, so that says a lot.  It began with Life as we Knew It, the story of a girl living in a small town in Pennsylvania (imagine that!) who’s world–along with everyone else’s– was literally knocked off balance when an asteroid hit the moon, shifting it closer to the earth.  This created all kinds of apocalyptic issues involving earthquakes and volcanoes and ash clouds and famine and drought.  In general it was a real downer of a plot, but with a great character-driven story.

The second book, The Dead and the Gone, took place at the same time but focused on the life of a young boy living in New York City.  I can only recommend the second book based on the need to read it before the third–the second book was beyond depressing.  But again, it was told so well that you almost didn’t notice.  Almost.  Except that you did.  Feel free to visit my reviews of both on this very blog to learn more about them.

This World We Live In brought both stories together, and the result was greater than the sum of its parts.  The main boy character from the second book enters the life of the girl from the first, and both stories are (sort of) resolved; both are magnified.  This is a fantastic book.  If you’ve not read any of them, start at the beginning and don’t stop until you are done.  They are all page turners, so it won’t take you very long.


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