You Are What You Read

I’ve not posted on here in a while, and I thought I owed an explanation to my few readers out there.  You see, I’ve not read any good young adult lit in a while.  This is not because I don’t have any good young adult lit–it is because I’m reading so many other books, I’d have to learn to read in my sleep in order to fit any more reading it.

I’ve been reading mostly nonfiction, mainly in the form of travel books.  Right now, sitting at my desk at home, there are eight books piled up to my left, and the way they are piled is very telling–see picture left.  On the bottom are two of the Pretty Little Liars books that I really do want to finish (before the tv series starts this summer), and piled up on top of those are five travel books, with a phrase book I flip through for a few minutes every day.  In addition to that, I have, on my Kindle, an entire home page worth of books that I want to read before and during my upcoming trip–novels and memoirs that take place in the countries and cities I will be visiting this summer.

There’s an important lesson in that.  You see, everything in life has a shelf in the library already devoted to it, and I never do anything without first consulting that shelf.  I have dozens of books on religions I wanted to learn about when I was younger, dozens of cookbooks collected during the learning to cook phase of my life, countless books on gardening from recent years–turning around in my chair I see ‘Great Garden Companions’ on the shelf behind me.  I have books on writing and books on teaching.  A glance through my personal library will tell you who I have been and who I am.  One might even predict what I may become (answer–someone with WAY too many books!)


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