Pretty Little Liars

I have to admit it–I really enjoyed this book.  So much, in fact, that last night, upon realizing I’d left it at work, I actually shook my fist in the air and cried ‘noooooo!’  I really did.  Ask my husband.  He saw it.

In summary, this is the story of what happens when friends share secrets that should never be shared.  It is at the same time both painfully realistic as well as totally unbelievable–and I love that combination.  It is definitely a girl book–if there could ever be something called ‘girl book’–this would be it.  This should be in the dictionary under the phrase ‘girl book’.  But it is more page turning than anything I’ve ever read.  And…drum roll please…there are six more!  Yay!

In addition to being extremely entertaining, this book taught me a lesson–you see, I’m always on the look-out for ‘the next big book’–the next Twilight or Harry Potter–so that I can say ‘I read it first’.  Well do you know what–I didn’t read this first.  I didn’t even read it until after SIX additional books were written (soon to be seven, to make a total of EIGHT BOOKS!) and I read it because lots of my students were reading it–and loved it.  And now I know why.  Reason number I-don’t-know-what why being a middle school teacher is, contrary to what some may thing, an awesome job.

Oh–and reason number I-don’t-know-what plus 1…a guaranteed snow day tomorrow to start reading the second book, and perhaps even more days off to read numbers three through seven!


2 responses to “Pretty Little Liars

  1. There is a show on ABC Family called “Pretty Little Liars” that is going to premiere soon. The story is the same i think, about 5 friends who shared secrets with each other but one secret. Then one of them gets killed and the rest of the girls get text messages that she is still alive and knows the secret that the rest of the girls didn’t tell her.

    • yes, i’m really excited about the show premiering. i think it happens sometime this summer, right around when ‘secret life’ comes back on (which i also love). i need to finish the series before the show starts–and i’m only on the third book!

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