The Gardener–Post #2: The Verdict

Well, I just finished The Gardener, S.A. Bodeen’s new novel (see my review of The Compound), due out in June.  I really, really liked it–with only one small complaint.

In The Gardener, the main character–Mason–lives a suburb of Portland, Oregon, with his slightly dysfunctional mother; he has never known his father.  He visits his mother at work one day and discovers a beautiful girl–who has some serious issues; for one, she was in a waking coma until he accidentally woke her.  But as the story continues, you find out there’s WAY more going on both in Mason’s town and in the world of the nameless girl than anyone could ever imagine.

It almost hurts me to describe the one flaw, because I’m seriously hoping it changes when the book is officially released.  The subtitle, on the cover of the book, reads ‘This greenhouse…grows humans”; this kind of takes the mystery right out of the book.  That very mystery was part of what I so loved about The Compound, and I fear this one little line–combined with what is, right now, an overly descriptive back cover, takes some of the fun out of this story–but note, I say ‘some of the fun’–not all of it.  It still was a real page turner, and more than worth my time.  I’d definitely suggest it to others, especially those who liked The Compound.


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