No New Books

I thought I should update this as I have not done so in a while.  I’d like to offer several excuses for that...

1.  School started again, so I have many fewer hours per day to read.

2.  I’m currently reading several novels, and have not been able to commit to one long enough to finish it.  Right now I’m reading “Birthmarked”, due out sometime in March (I think), “Hush, Hush”, and “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” (this one on my Kindle) (and please note, I don’t know how to underline on here, which is why book titles are in quotes!)  I often have this problem; I think it is caused by not finding the right book.  When I find the right book, I abandon all others and commit myself entirely to that book.  I’m still waiting for the right one right now.

3.  I”m also currently reading several informative, nonfiction books.  This is appropriate because, well, we’re working on nonfiction in class.  Which means…time for a lesson.  Nonfiction books are often the most important books you will read.  They can encourage life-changing events in your actual life.  For example, right now I’m reading both “Ask Arthur Frommer”, a generic travel book that gives tips and tricks to ‘travel better, cheaper, and smarter, which is the subtitle, along with the book “Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door”, which I’m using to plan what I hope will be a dream vacation through Europe this summer (though it is in its planning stages, and might not happen this year; it will happen some day!)


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