Well, I finally finished reading Linger.  I think my reluctance to finish it was because, well, I didn’t want to finish it.  And not because it was so awful I couldn’t continue, but because I knew that once it was over, it was over.  At least for a very long time, until the third book comes out.  Yes, that’s right, the third book.  I should have known–I should have assumed, or done simple research on the author’s web page (which I did immediately after reading the last word of Linger).  The third book, which I can only assume is in the ‘being written’ stage (sob!), is called Forever, and there’s not even a google image available of what the cover might look like.  I am inconsolable.  But it will give me something to look forward to…for a very long time!

Linger was very, very good.  As I mentioned in a previous post, it did take me a while to get used to so many different points of view–there are four different points of view in Linger, two more than in the first book, Shiver.  I really want to know if this point of view ‘shifting’ was done on purpose, to make some larger statement or, perhaps more accurately, to give the feeling of, well, shifting, that you should get from reading this book; for those of you who have not read either yet, I use the word ‘shifting’ because that is what the wolves do–they shift.  It is a werewolf story, after all.  If this shifting of perspectives was purposeful, it was also masterful.

The story itself went far beyond what I would have thought possible at the beginning of Shiver–but it is so interesting, with such great (and different from each other) characters, that it makes for one great read.  I only have one copy available, and two people are already waiting to read it, but when they are done, feel free to ask me to borrow it.  Or wait until July 20th…though I certainly couldn’t!


7 responses to “Linger

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to read the book if it available to borrow. I’ve been looking for advanced copies to read and review but I think that it seems out of the question!

    You’re review was insightful and it has really sparked my interest!

    Thank you

    Lina W

    • sorry…i have multiple students waiting to borrow it, and i only have the one copy (which is autographed specifically for them). they’d be very disappointed if i mailed it off somewhere!

  2. I was wondering if Linger follows the book Shiver? What is the book Shiver about? what is the book Linger about? I think i might want to read it.

  3. yes, linger is the sequel to shiver. shiver is about a girl who is obsessed with this one wolf that lives in the woods outside her house–and then she finds out the wolf is actually a boy (boy werewolf, that is). i’m not giving anything away–all that is in the first chapter. the entire book is the story of the girl and the boy/wolf. kind of fantasy, kind of suspense, kind of a love story. all around a very good book. i’d definitely suggest it.

    • no! not even a little! it is a really good book (though i don’t know if it is your kind of book) and i’d recommend (but not to you, though you are of course welcome to give it a try), however it is definitely not the same kind of book. there’s suspense, but not the same level of suspense.

  4. Hey Mrs.A! I loved this book so much, and like you, I didn’t want it to end. I loved the book but I was a little dissapointed in the ending. I was also confused with all of the different points of view.

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