Beautiful Creatures

I just finished reading Beautiful Creatures–as in just now, this very minute.  And all I can think is something along the lines of ‘pfffff’.  ‘Pffff’, in case you were wondering, is the sound of me pushing my eyebrows together, frowning, and blowing air through my grimacing mouth.  I really, really liked this book.  It had everything I’m looking for in a book–characters who are at once believable and utterly unrealistic, a great setting that simply HAD TO be, love, magic, mystery–it is a great book.  But then ending…pfffff.  I just don’t know.  I just…don’t know.

I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone interested in reading it–and I will buy a copy for my classroom before the end of the break (this was the first book I read entirely on my Kindle, which is difficult as I have so many previews on there–but that’s a topic for another post.)  But a basic summary is…ahem…boy dreams of girl, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl (or was he in love with her all along?), boy finds out there’s something very…different…about girl.  Chaos ensues.

If you are a fan of history–and even if you are not–you will appreciate the flashbacks that tie past and present together in an interesting way.  If you are a fan of romance, you will not be disappointed, but if you’re NOT a fan of romance, you won’t be grossed out, either.  At no point do anyone’s eyes smolder, like they do in some other books…cough….Twilight…cough.

Read this.  It is worth it.  Even with the ‘pffff’ factor.


5 responses to “Beautiful Creatures

  1. Would you say this book was like all romance storys are? And why did you also put this book in fantasy? Are there any other books you think that were similar to this book? Sorry for the questions…

    • it definitely had a strong romance element, though the main character was a boy, which is very un-romance-book-ish. i put the book in the fantasy category because there is a magical aspect to the story. the main character’s love interest–the main female character–is not exactly human. that’s all i’ll say about that, lest i give it away. other books that are similar…hmmm….well, shiver is very close, actually. ummm…other than that, it is hard to compare, because it is a very unique book. in many ways it is VERY realistic, and in many ways it is very fantasy. not an easy combination!

    • i would say that there is more to it–there’s a whole mystery part of the story that kept me turning the pages. i had to know how it turned out. and i’m not usually a fan of mystery.

  2. Is this like a book for more girls or both cause the title just screams a chick book but most fantasy is for both. Is it like real people or people who are creatures that they don’t know it and they find out or do they know they are creatures

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