Here’s a Thought…

How would you feel about the idea of e-readers being available to you in the classroom?  I realize if you are a student reading this blog, you are likely already a reader yourself, but do you think that having some form of electronic book ‘gaget’ –for lack of a better term–would encourage you to read more?  Do you think it would encourage some of your not-so-much-a-reader friends to read more?  In what ways would it help encourage reading–or, alternately, why do you think it would not help?  In my opinion, one of the main benefits is the fact that you can’t physcially see how long the book really is, and you moniter your progress in ‘percentage complete’ (at least that’s how it works on my Kindle), which kind of reminds me of some forms of video games.  But I realize that my opinion is often just that–an opinion–and is often incorrect.  Any thoughts?


5 responses to “Here’s a Thought…

  1. A kindle would definetly encourage my peers. I think that the school should by one for every student for textbooks and enjoyment reading.

    • wow! there are literally dozens of my favorite authors on there! and the books are not as old as some other free sites–there is a lot more variety on this site. thank you so much!!!!

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