Looking for Good Young Adult Book Suggestions

I realized that since I’m in charge of this blog, I can write anything I want…as long as it has to do with books and/or reading (I even make rules for myself–odd!) So I thought I’d post a question–are there books that you would recommend to others to read, either to me or to other kids? I am currently ordering books for next year’s classroom library, and I’d love some suggestions. So…suggestions anyone?


8 responses to “Looking for Good Young Adult Book Suggestions

  1. I would reccomend The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. It is one of my favorite books. It takes place in Venice, Italy and is a good read.

    • That’s actually one of my husband’s favorite books. Thanks for the recommendation–it is officially on the list!!!

  2. The Clone Codes by Patricia C. McKissack, Fredrick L. McKissack, and John McKissack. I am currently reading the book now and am about half way through the book and it is amazing. It hasn’t come out yet though but it comes out Febuary 2010. I fell its an amzing reed and people who like books about the future and consperacies will like this book!

    • I would order it but I can’t, as it doesn’t actually exist yet. You have the only copy. I will have to read it next!

  3. Also The Lightning Thief is a good read if anybody had Mrs.Coyle in 6th grade you know why. Mainly the book is about a 6th grader who doesn’t know that he is the son of Posiden and is seceratly the last hope for all of Mt.Olympis and New York City!!

  4. I have found that middle schoolers (and myself as well!) are really enjoying Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman. The book is written as a boy’s journal, but every so often you come to a part that asks you to log on to a website with a password and you can view a movie that his friend emailed him. The interaction along with the book is an added bonus. Be warned: some of the book as well as the videos are kind of scary. I screamed in my kitchen while watching one on my laptop. No joke.

  5. I would highly recommend Uglies by Scott Westerfield. It is an AMAZING book about a society that would change the appearance of every person once they hit the age 16, because they were taught that they were Ugly. The main character meets a girl who doesn’t want to be changed, they run away and find a whole secret society hiding. I read this first book and couldn’t put it down. I finished it in two days, it was absolutely amazing. The second book was pretty good too, but the third wasn’t that great.
    Also, i suggest The Revenge of The Shadow King by Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis. This was another excellent book, based all on fiction. It’s about a boy and his friends who release a monster out of an old book found in his attic. They have to try to save the world before all the monsters are released. Very suspenseful. When i first read the description i wasn’t very interested. But i tried it anyways, and i absolutely loved it! Again, the second book was pretty good, but the third was again not that great. But the first is definitely a must read!
    Lastly, i would recommend FableHaven by Brandon Mull. This was a copy-off The Revenge of The Shadow King, and i thought it wasn’t going to be that great. But they absolutely pulled it off! It was really great, and the second book was great too! Loved these books.

  6. You already ordered the books, but as you know, one of my favorite books is “Where The Red Fern Grows.” It’s a book for both guys and girls. If your looking for a book to order later, i would deffinetally recomend it.

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