What My Mother Doesn’t Know

The story-written as a continuous poem-of a young girl growing up and figuring out the meaning of love-buy dating lots of different guys at the same time (which her mother does not know about-get it?)


3 responses to “What My Mother Doesn’t Know

  1. I have read a similar book before. It was called “One of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies.” I think it is by the same person too. In this book a girl is forced to go to California to life with her famous dad. She wouldn’t have to but she had no other choice but to go because her mother died. She is not so happy about it in the first place, but then she starts to like him as a father.

    • Yes, that’s the same author. I think the one you read was her second book…maybe third. There are now a few more, all in the same style. One is called ‘what my girlfriend doesn’t know’–I’ve not read it, but I’d like to. They are all on my list of books to buy for next year. šŸ™‚

  2. I have read What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know (I have two copies in my room if anyone needs them…) and I actually enjoyed it better than What My Mother Doesn’t Know. It is written from the BOYS perspective of the relationship. Pretty cool. And still written in the super-fast, easy-to-read prose style of writing.

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