This is What I Did

This is What I Did

I read this book during 7th and 8th period–it was too good to put down until it was done.  While it does deal with some serious issues, this is a worthwhile read for almost everyone, because there’s always going to be that time in your life when you wish you could go back and do something differently.  The main character, Logan, is dealing with an event that happened in the past that he does not want to talk about–so much so that you, the reader, do not even find out what happened until very near the end of the novel.  Definitely a page turner.


One response to “This is What I Did

  1. I can’t remember when i didn’t want to go back and change what i said or what i did. I wish there was a clock and you can turn it back and you would be where you are at that time.

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