The Hunger Games and Catching Fire

The Hunger Games

Katniss lives in District 12, the farthest district away from the Capitol in a futuristic dystopia (that means that life is not so good); the Capitol has complete control of everyone and everything, including the Hunger Games.  The Hunger Games are a kind of extreme reality show where contestants, chosen at random by lottery, are forced to fight to the death.  As a main character in this story, Katniss is, of course, one of the contestants.

There is little I can say about this book–and its sequel Catching Fire, which I liked just as much (though something that happened in Chapter 10 did annoy me, though briefly)–that will be as true as this…it is amazing.  Read it.  Share it with others.  I’ve not read a book I’ve enjoyed this much in a long, long time.

Warning–it is a little sad.


4 responses to “The Hunger Games and Catching Fire

  1. I read it and introduced it to Mrs. A and couldn’t have summarized it any better. the book is amzing it’s set in a future-istic but yet primitive setting (for those who don’t either beat the Hunger Games or just get lunky and become rich somehow). The book is amazing dispite that the book is long but once you start reading it you can’t stop also its very brutal, bloody, and at some points disturbing but all in all this is the first book i have ever read that i haven’t been able to stop reading!

  2. I was thinking of reading this book, I’m not much of a reader, but some books can really pull me in. I really like books like Robin Hood (I’ve actually read this book 3 times), King Aurthor (I’ve read twice), the last apprentice (I’ve read twice), and now I am reading Angels and Demons, which I think is really good. So anyway, I guess my question would be givin thoses books that I really like, would this be something that I might like? If not could someone suggest something? Thanks.

    • Hmmm…you might like Hunger Games (just because it is such a great book) but I don’t know that it is similar to the types of books you listed. I’d try: The Merlin Series by T.A. Barron, Sabriel by Garth Nix (this is possibly the best one based on your interests), The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman (this is one of my favorite books of all time, but ask your parents because it is on the Banned Book list for religious reasons)…my husband suggested The Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings (we have the entire series, I’ll bring you the first one on Monday). Hope that helps!!!

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