The Compound

The Compound

What can I say, I love end of the world stories–and this one was no exception.  Living underground for the past six years, Eli was ‘protected’ by his billionaire father at the time of a great nuclear attack.  The billionaire dad built a bomb shelter so fancy, it made me wonder why anyone would want to leave…and then I kept reading, and found out why.  This book is a real page turner;  I finished it in one evening, not because it was a quick read, but because reading it was ALL I DID until it was finished.


5 responses to “The Compound

  1. Is the book almost like The City of Ember because the only diffrence i thought was that they are hiding from a bomb threat while in Ember they are trying to find light. Also is it like very future-istic or more modern day with the twist of a threaght throwen in?

    • it is a little creepier than the city of ember…but yes, they are similar. i actually had hoped there was a sequel, but i have an early release copy of a new book from the same author called ‘the gardner’ that i am very excited about.

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