Every Soul a Star

Every Soul a Star

I actually had to make myself put this book down so that I could make dinner.

Told from three different points of view, this is the story of, well, a bunch of people gathering at a campground in the middle of nowhere to wait for a total solar eclipse.  It does not sound exciting, but trust me, it is a great book.  Because of course, every time lots of people gather anywhere, many strange and amazing things happen.  This book is worth reading if only as a study in character and point of view–the three main characters get to tell their story from their first person point of view, and the stories overlap in a way that makes you aware of things to come as though you were reading a third person omniscient narrative.  In fact, this would not be a bad addition to the middle school curriculum.  Hmmm….


2 responses to “Every Soul a Star

  1. i loved this book, it was one of my favorite books. This book was all ‘magical’ under a beautiful night full of stars. Everyone should read this book!

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