8th Grade Bites

Eighth Grade Bites

I’m pretty sure that what this author was going for was ‘Twilight for Guys’–well, in my humble opinion (which is quite humble to be fair), she didn’t do it.  Not that Twilight was great literature, but the writing in Eighth Grade Bites, well, it bites.  HOWEVER, it is a very good story, and I did start reading the second book, Ninth Grade Slays (which would have been much better titled ‘Ninth Grade Sucks’, but I guess some people still think suck is a bad word, which is silly because we are talking about vampires here!)  So basic story–Vladimir Tod is a half human half vampire orphan, who has made it all the way to the eighth grade without doing anything awful–aside from dining on ‘juice boxes’–which are expired bags of donated blood his aunt/guardian (who happens to be a nurse–thank goodness!) brings home from the hospital.  But 8th grade presents a challenge with a missing English teacher (why is it ALWAYS the English teacher?) and a creepy substitute who is very clearly more than what meets the eye.  Again–good story, TERRIBLE writing.


3 responses to “8th Grade Bites

  1. This book is eciting, suspenceful, and full of action. It is about a boy named vlad tod and he’s half human half vampire. It is about how he goes through change’s with his vampire skills. Along the way he meets some good vampires and some bad. He also has to deal with bullies from school witch isn’t so fun. He also has someoone deer to him at school. He learns only a fraction of how strong he really is. But if you like books with suspence, ecitement, action, and some mystery you will like this one.their are also secuals to this book that you would like.

    P.S. The writing isn’t as bad as the blog above says.

    • thanks for the great review! i suppose i didn’t really give the series a chance. i have the second one at home, i’ll have to get back into it.

  2. To me the books sound like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (If you don’t know what I mean the book the Lightning Thief) the reason i say this is because he is a boy in 6th grade who doesn’t know that he is the son of the god Posidene the god of the sea and he controls water and can bend it to his will. The only diffrence is that their are no vampires involved!

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